Eagles vs. Mission Heights

After an intense game, WPHS soccer team, The Eagles, won against Mission Heights, with a score of 7-5. The game took place on September 27, 4:30 p.m., at PT Coe School.

At the second half of the game, one of the players from WPHS got injured after a harsh tackle by the opposing team. Almost at the same time,  the goalkeeper hurt a rib after hitting the ground when he was trying to prevent a goal from the Mission Heights team.

At the beginning of the game, Mission Height was attacking more, but The Eagles kept the good work and turned things around after drinking water and filling with eagle spirit.

After the exhausting game, the Mission Height team screamed The Eagles team name making official the victory of the eagles.

“They played well, I admire them,” Elivan Rodrigues, a Mission Heights soccer player said. “We played well, we just didn’t [feel] it and we will get better.”

Misael Armenta, an Eagle’s soccer player said, “They were very persistent, they had a good team and players.” He also added, “We have a great team, we will win until the end because we have heart and we play as a single brain.”

Overall, The Eagles team has had four games: two wins, two losses. 

The Eagles coach is proud of how the team is doing. He said, “They are playing as they trained.”


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