Sex Trafficking in Arizona

The Department of Justice cites Phoenix as one of the top sex trafficking jurisdictions in the country. Particularly at risk are minors who are abducted, coerced or enticed into the commercial sex trade.

Sex trafficking “pimps” will often attempt to form a bond with their victims. “Love bombing” is a powerful technique pioneered by religious cults that is often utilized by sex traffickers: A girl or boy is showered with gifts and affection before the true intention of exploitation is revealed.

The places Sex traffickers mostly seek their victims include schools, bus stations, social media, parks, playgrounds, restaurants and shopping malls.

Recently, seven alleged Arizona traffickers were arrested during the four-day nationwide effort that focused on underage human trafficking according to Raising Arizona Kids.

Nationally, 84 miners were rescued and 120 suspected traffickers were arrested.

Alex Horton, Principal at West Phoenix High school said, ” I think that the news on sex trafficking is limited at times it comes in waves. I think it’s hard because it needs to be out in the news more and people need to be more aware of how to protect themselves.”

People should be aware of all the facts and risks when it comes to sex trafficking. It is important to be more aware of  surroundings and the people you hang out with.

walk human trafficking
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