The Influence Of Rap


Many people today say that rap music has a negative impact on the youth culture. It glamorizes racism, violence, drugs, and even sex.

Today’s generation has such a different outlook on life opposed to the older generations.Today’s generation will learn everything they learn in rap music, in their daily life, whether it be bad language, drugs, violence or sex.

Rap music with positive messages are often overlooked by the majority of society because of the language that is involved in the songs they hear.

I asked a fan of rap if they were a rapper, what messages he would try to spread, and this was his response to the question. 

 “I would let them know, no matter what color or race we are, we still have to get along with each other,” Amazon transportation worker Anthony Lucero said. “I would also let them know not to use any drugs or commit any crimes. I would want to provide a positive message to the youth.” 

YouTube: The Emperor

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