Welcome Back, Alumna

On August 13, West Phoenix High School had the honor to welcome former student, Lourdes Loreto Sandoval as the new office assistant.

West Phoenix High School teacher Mitch Solomon was Loreto’s former teacher. “I didn’t expect her to return to West Phoenix High School as a staff member,” said Solomon. “Although many of our graduates have worked here as staff members and I’m proud to see she’s one of them.”

Loreto attended WPHS for 3 years, and just graduated last March.

“When I first started, the school was small but it started to expand and like hire new teachers,” commented Loreto. 

“When Lourdes was a student here she was very diligent very hardworking and very shy,” said Solomon. “I’m now proud to see that she is an assertive young lady who is currently working in our front office.”

After you graduate, the thought of working at your former school might not even cross your mind. But the truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

“I needed a job so I can start paying for the things I need to make like my College payments and like my braces,” said Loreto. “So this job is helping me a lot and it works with my schedule as well so it’s nice.”

According to Solomon, it says a lot about our school to have former students working here and he is pleased to see it happening.

One of the most important traits about a student working at their former High School is a demonstration of the trust the school has and a belief in the quality of education and the possibilities for this student achieving goals and doing great things in the future,” said Solomon.

According to her teachers, Loreto started as a shy student. She has since broken out of her shell. Solomon said he is confident that Loreto will do a great job in her current position.

“She is hardworking and diligent, as I said her communication skills have greatly improved and she’s a very personable friendly and warm person. I look forward to working with her,” said Solomon.

Welcome back.

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