Teen Depression

Teen depression is a serious matter that affects a person in many possible ways, including in school. Although many factors contribute to this issue, we can still miss the signs.

West Phoenix High School Counselor Jeremy Parker says, “I would say more than half, probably about 50-70% of teenagers have general depression.”

Depression is a common but serious medical illness that negatively affects how a person feels, the way they think and how they act.

Teens can develop feeling of worthlessness over school performance, social status with peers, sexual orientation, family life, environmental stress and so on. One of the major influence in this issue could be the parents.

“Parents have a big part in what happens to their teenagers, children in general, especially at the adolescence stage,” said Parker. “Some parents might be depressed, so depression can be given genetically. If somebody close in your family has depression, you can develop depression as well.”

Some teens who have depression show no motivation, become withdrawn, their eating habits change, they can develop an irresponsible behaviour, also a rebellious behavior, which influences in their school performance.

“When it comes to school students who have depression, it can cause them to not do their work, not to be very active in class, it can cause them to sleep in class,” said Parker. “It cause them to skip class, just to stay home and avoid people.”

But why won’t they ask for help, you might wonder. According to Parker, they may not know how or they may not want others to know that they are depressed. 

When a student is depressed, sometimes they don’t know what it is, they are not aware that they are depressed.

The major effect it can have is that it can come up to the point where the teenager begins to  self-harm or try to commit suicide.

“If it gets too bad it can cause some students to want to commit suicide, and like I said it can also be a distraction to school,” said Parker. “You start to see grades dropping, missing assignments, and absences in school.”

Depression among teenagers is a serious matter, and sometimes it is not just a phase, we should be aware of it before major consequences, like suicide, and do something to help them. It can be treated with medication, or psychotherapy.

If you have depression you can always call 1-800-273-8255 the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


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