Dress Code

Dress code at schools have had a big impact recently on young students and parents in the U.S. This discipline affects parent’s finances by making them waste more money. 

Education law states that schools are generally allowed to create a dress code program within their districts without violating the constitutional rights of students. This discipline or code has brought more parents and students complaints towards school and their way of maintaining control.

After seeing the big influence that dress code has mainly on students and teachers,  a survey was made for students and teachers on WPHS. Most students disagree with this rule, they think students should wear what they want because each student has their own way of expressing themselves.

Eylin Sanchez, a student from WPHS said, “The dress code should not be taken away, but it should be more lenient and understanding for all students.”

Sean Soto, another student, added, “Dress code keeps students from looking bad and avoids many problems like being disrespectful towards others.” This proves that students also think about the benefits that having a dress code could give them, but students are not the only ones with concerns about this code.

Mrs. Parks, a science teacher said, “I think it is important not only for safety in classroom but also to make feel everyone comfortable anywhere at campus, respect is a big thing and dress code is a sign of that.” After saying this she also added,  “I understand that having a dress code affects different economy background, but if they will enforce it, they should also have an alternative plan to fix this problem.”

As Mrs. Parks, other teachers have concerns about this “rule” at school, some other teachers think schools would be better with uniforms because it is easier to control and manage. Others do not, like Mrs. Bara, a science teacher who said, “The dress code in our campus is very fair, it represents the way you should present yourself in public and the self respect you should display, I do believe girls shouldn’t show belly buttons and cleavage in a learning environment”

In conclusion, everyone has their own opinion about what we should wear in a learning environment, but at the end, a dress code is being enforce and we have to follow it, even if we have concerns.


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