💰Does a “Dolla” make you “Holla?”💰

“Dolla’s” and “Dolla’s,” everyone needs money to be able to afford a quaint life. But whether you make bank or don’t have enough to fill the tank; does it make you happy in the end?

No matter where you are, what your currency looks like or how it is used, it still pushes us to drive every morning to work, still is the reason you were able to buy that new car. The question, however, still stand: Does cash tickle your stash?


Even Khloe Kardashian couldn’t of been happy when she was cheated on by Tristan Thompson. Even though, according to CapitalXtra.com, she has a net worth of $40 million. Did her financial standpoint help out? It maybe could’ve bought tissues to wipe the tears, but that dollar bill couldn’t change anything or help her emotionally.


Durina Farrall, Legal Secretary for the Contractors Legal Department, a working college student and mother of four children said, “My family is always broke. We are happy though, so it can be a double headed sword. We make the best of what we have. People born into wealth have an immediate pressure to live up to that reputation. That reputation, sometimes causes them to make poor decisions. Decisions that a poor person would never take for granted.” She then continued to say, “So having cash may be secure financially, but it can create mental unstableness that spirals out of control!”


Blocks of gold are pretty to stack up, and worth millions, but does it make you happy and give you a full-feeling heart? Money can’t buy your first love, your first true love kiss. It can’t buy a loving family or even buy you a sincere smile. That all comes from the heart, not paper.


Mary Coyne, Paralegal and Recovery Fund Manager for Arizona Registrar of Contractors legal department says, “Money isn’t everything in life. I cannot share my heart with an object, I’d rather have a healthy family around me. . . that’s what makes me happy.” She continued to say, “I have faith and live for today because life is too important and one is never sure what the future holds.  However, if I were to think really hard, I would have to say I might stress because it is difficult to prepare for retirement.


Therefore, the “dolla’s” are nice but still can’t fill those “emotional holes.” Whether it’s cars or houses –could be an entire island for all you know– objects are still objects, and doesn’t do anything for the brain, the thoughts, the heart, and the feelings.


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