Chairs? Posture? WPHS Needs an Update

Posture is affected by the way you sit. Slouching, leaning, and even the chair you sit in has weight on your posture. Students at West Phoenix High School sit in old, worn out desk-chairs.

Every student needs to know how to important posture is, and that their school needs better furniture.

West Phoenix High School has hard, blue plastic chairs that connect to a wooden desk. The desk being about two binders wide; the chair being about 12 x 12 inches wide.

The chairs have had a rigid seat that inclines backwards and merges into a seating hollow. This design can cause lack of blood circulation, rounding of the back, tense should, neck, and back muscles; constricted digestive organs, and spinal cord pressure.

This causing many problems, as in: bad pain, sore muscles, and bad posture. Students need better posture if sitting in these death traps for your spine.

“It’s hard to sit up straight, due to the design of the chair,” West Phoenix High School sophomore Victoria Valenzuela said, “it is uncomfortable to sit in!”



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