WPHS Doesn’t Walk Out

Teachers from around the districts went on strike this Thursday and Friday, but West Phoenix High School (WPHS) did not do the same. Teachers were in school and teaching their lessons like a regular school day.

Teachers from other districts went on strike because they feel they don’t get the salary they deserve or the funding. Because of the strike, some school districts will be extending school for students and even giving them Saturday school.

According to CNN, “Gov. Doug Ducey offered a proposal for a 20 percent pay raise by 2020.” Teachers, however, did not like this proposal because they think he will not meet their demands and will not be paying other staff members aside from teachers a higher wage.

On April 26th, more than 50,000 educators went on strike fighting for a higher wage, affecting more than a million students around Arizona.

A teacher at West Phoenix High School said, ” I support the cause. We don’t get paid enough for what we do. But the way it has been handled, I disagree with. We shouldn’t walk out on our students.”

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