The teacher walkout occurred on April 26- 27, 2018. Teacher’s in Arizona went on strike to  protest for better education funding. 

Teachers at West Phoenix High School (WPHS) decided not to walk out because many teachers decided to keep the school open for the benefit of their students. 

The  protest  was for a variety of funding issues. such as not being paid enough money, or having to buy supplies out of their own pocket.

Mario Giron, Math teacher at WPHS, was asked if he buys his own supplies for his students and he replied, “many times, yes.” He went on to say, “ The amount of money for the job is good but not for what we do.”

There were a lot of teachers here at West Phoenix who really spoke their minds about this topic. There were some who both agreed and disagreed with the approach of the walkout. 

Mitch Solomon, English teacher at West Phoenix, explained that he supports the teacher walk out. “I support the rights of the teachers to protest. I support the rights of teachers to earn an appropriate amount of money and receive an appropriate amount of resources to do their job efficiently and professionally. Any business that undercuts their employees or their resources undercuts their success.”

Another teacher at West Phoenix said, “ As a teacher you have to work at school but also at home.”

Other teachers said–even though they agree that education needs more funding– that they did not want to walk out. The goal was to keep the school running for those students who need to get work done toward the end of the year, and for those students who depend on the school being open.

Red for Ed
(AP Photo/Matt York)


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