Pink Tax: Price Paid for Discrimination

The phrase “pink tax”is not a joke or misconception . According to USA today, the Pink Tax is when the color of products directly marketed to girls and women are charged more for female-specific products compared with  those displayed to men. Studies show that women end up paying about 42% more then men per year for necessary products.

Women get paid less and yet are charged more. Is it unfair that women have to pay more for luxuries such as razors, shampoo, soaps, deodorant, and plus-sized clothing. Even stuff like dry cleaning, or laundering, etc.

Women are not only paying more for same things men pay less for, but they also have a lower paycheck than a man in almost any career. For example, as a dermatologist,  women get paid about $262,500 and men get paid about $300,000, as a chef, women get paid 38 cents less for every dollar a man earns.

In other words women should be treated equally as stated in the amendment; “like a proposed amendment to the US Constitution stating that civil rights may not be denied on the basis of one’s sex.”  They should not have to pay more for the same thing or get paid less for working the same amount of hours as a man.


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