Arizona needs “Heat Days”

As temperature’s are rising here in the sunshine state of Arizona, the tolerance of the Arizonian residents is not. It was brought to my attention that students in the more snowy parts of our nation are granted “snow days”, which prevents them from attending class due to being snowed in.  For that reason, Arizona students should be granted “Heat Days” when the temperature is past bearable.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the gravity snow can have, and agree with the measures being taken. But, as a current student and resident of Arizona, the heat we are constantly exposed to during the summer is literally enough to kill.

WPHS student Kimberly Santana heavily agrees with heats ability to destroy all energy, and claims “students that walk to school are far more exposed to the heat, something must be done!”. I find these scenarios equally affected by the weather and suggest they be treated as such. Arizona should be granted “Heat days”, it’s our life at stake.

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